Self Relationship.

“If you’re not at your best mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, you’re nothing for your family, you’re depleted for your customers, you’re unhelpful to your neighbors, and you’re empty for society. Build a strong self-relationship because that is the key to every other relationship. It’s not selfish, it’s It’s selfless.”
This is our Habits show and we are with Robin Sharma, my guest from episode 781 where our focus was Personal Mastery. In this show, the second spoke of relationships, Robin brought a significant paradigm shift.
To strengthen and deepen relationships with others, he shared we must first have a world class relationship with ourselves. I’ve never heard it put quite that way and it’s inspired me to further elevate my expectations of my self image.
This and much more in the episode. Find Robin and his new book, “The 5am Club” at

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