Your primary desire is to matter to other people.

If you want a raise or a promotion, you must matter to someone in charge. If you want a relationship you must matter to the person you are pursuing. If you want friends and any companionship, you must matter to them.
So how do you matter? In this show I believe we have your best tactic. Give people what they most want. Encouragement. Everyone including yourself wants to hear positive feedback regarding themselves. We all want it and some are desperate for it.
When we think of the word “encouragement” we generally don’t give it the gravity it deserves. Using it is literally harnessing a superpower. We’re selfish beings. Be selfish. Encourage people and matter to them. See what opportunities arise.
NOTE: This show did not start out with a focus of encouragement. It was a Q&A show with Scott Stearman regarding our influence on others.
Scott was my guest in show 777 where we discussed just that…how we are literally influencing others. But briefly into the show we got on the topic of encouragement and I was hit with the reality that Scott is a king of encouragement. His father was a king of encouragement.
Zig Ziglar was a king and chief purveyor of encouragement. What could possibly be a more important topic. What followed was I believe and hope, us making a case for the power encouragement can be in elevating our own lives, as we elevate others.

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