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For those who want to engage with me and their MOTIVES, here are some options. 

You will notice a stark lack of pop-up boxes, urgent promotions for “limited time only!” offers, or deadlines. What we offer here we will offer tomorrow. 

In truth those tactics work and often we all need a push and a reason to ACT NOW and not delay or procrastinate. I adore the profession of selling, but realize in this day and age we are all so inundated with information we are most prone to just doing nothing.

I very, very much want you to do something. To progress toward what you truly desire and would bring you fulfillment. But I want you to decide to do it because you believe in it, not because I drove you to a temporary impulse. 


If you want to engage with me here, do so because you have faith I can help guide you to find traction in an important area of life you want more from.

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All the benefits of the Community Membership, plus access to the full Motive Mastery Course. Join a weekly, live webinar with Kevin inside a Private Group in the membership where you can ask direct questions and get guidance. 

When you master your motives you can then make effective and rapid progress toward what you truly want.

In this seven part course you will work through what you think you want, filtering by your motives, to come out with what you truly want. 

As a course participant you gain lifetime* access to the Private Group and can attend Kevin’s Weekly Webinars for life*.

*Or until Kevin takes a tumble off a cliff on one of his mountain bike rides and is not able to perform his duties anymore!


If you can’t make the live webinar you may post questions prior and Kevin will address them.

Following completion of your Motive Mastery Course Kevin will,

1) fully review your work,
2) send clarifying questions and receive your replies, then
3) conduct a 2 Hour Zoom Call with you to work through refining your MOTIVE alignment. 

These often get booked out a month or two.


Limited to 45 people at any given time and available upon qualification and availability. My team and I facilitate this group. I am not the de facto leader but attend as a peer, and to receive as much counsel as I contribute. 

Pete Vargas introduced me to the question of, “What is working in your life and business?“, and “What isn’t working?“. 

This is our focus. To hear what is working for each other so we may all glean from one another. And to hear where we all need help so we can each offer all we can.


Connect, give, and get from others who are actively mastering their motives. 

  • Weekly Zoom meetings
  • 24/7 Private Group 
  • Text Group | This is a support group as much as it is a “mastermind”
  • Guest Access | When possible I will have my podcast guests join us for a private session where we can all ask questions and connect with them for opportunities and collaborations.
  • Business Growth
  • Increase Personal Revenue
  • Podcasting Guidance
  • Book Authoring and Publishing Guidance
  • Health & Wellness Guidance
  • Face-to-Face Gatherings | This is an intention, to gather together at existing events and create our own times to gather. Due to our current COVID-19 pandemic this is of course, tentative.

All of this SO…we can better support our personal lives and endeavors.