Depression, apathy, and just feeling blue and numb, are very real issues affecting all of us.

We are all on the spectrum, we’re all coping to a level, and even when we are greatly inspired in one area of our life we can be dealing with aspects of depression in others.

The culture looks at two possible treatments; counseling and medication.

Both are of course, worthwhile.

Yet they are merely two options out of about 15 we are going to discuss.

None are guarantees, but all are highly relevant in combatting these issues.

We get through six of them in this episode and continue on in the next episode to cover the rest.

A quick note of relevance I feel we should have started off with, is…motive.

Until we have a clear motive to pull out of depression, few of any treatments will matter.

And motive is the root of my other podcast, What Drives You.

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