The culture talks about “life span”, which is how long we live from the day we are born until the day our heart stops beating.

Health span however, is how long you are well and able.

Do you care more about living to be 100, in a nursing home, in a wheelchair, hooked up to oxygen, wearing diapers, and completely devoid of any conscious thought, or being active and able in body, mind, and spirit, well into your sixties, seventies, or eighties?

Dr Randy James and I recorded this segment following our weekly, Friday guys gathering where we share our lives together.

One of the guys had just spent time with his family and witnessing his elderly mother who could not get around much and was not able to join the family in much of any activity other than eating.

While we want to be sensitive, he was just aware she has peers who are fully capable in body and mind and he’s aware of her lifestyle choices that have not helped the disability she finds herself in.

Randy and I have a candid and I hope compassionate discussion on this and it brings to light what our goals are, and how our daily actions are supporting these goals.

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