Everything in our lives is speeding up.

Technology and artificial intelligence and deliveries and…boom.

We can fill every second with something new and interesting and the marketplace is focused on delivering us instantaneous gratification in any way possible.

Compared to our grandparents and especially great grandparents, the speed and convenience of life and survival is supersonic.

We can do in one hour, maybe even 20 minutes, what it took them all day to achieve.

So how is it working for us? Are we awash in free time and leisure? Are we happier and healthier and more at peace than ever? Exuding so much joy as a result of all the privilege we have?

You know the answer.

We as a culture are sicker, sadder, and more anxious than ever.

But the speed and convenience is not bad, only our management of it.

I can have a burger for a dollar in a minute at a drive through, or have one that costs $10 and an hour over my grill.

Which will serve me better?

Dr James and I talk through this issue, not with certainty, but with grappling.


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