We talk candidly about me just going through coronavirus, I think for the second time though I did not get tested the first time.

The realities of dealing with it and admitted humbling it has had on me.

Then we also discuss the vaccine.

I ran a survey asking who was and was not getting it and with 140 responses it was almost right down the middle.

Dr James and I do not tell you our opinion but ultimately come to feeling the topic is very similar to the tenets of functional medicine, in that if you ask what is the best diet or exercise or health regime, the answer is, “It depends.”

On the vaccine what is most interesting is the cultures need to polarize and be so definite, even when some of the top notch health experts, doctors and scientists that Randy looks to are split on the issue themselves.

The anxiety and division the topic is causing may very well be far more detrimental to the culture and your own health than the issue in and of itself.

But we really strive to do justice to this issue of the vaccine.

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