When your phone or computer is always on, always running multiple programs, it gets bogged down.

We often power it down and reboot. As humans we get this. We seek relief and rest.

But now think about upgrading the operating system on your phone.

You shut down every program, power the phone down, then allow the operating system to be updated and upgraded.

This often takes a while longer.

When we keep running the same programs of our life without ever taking a break and further to allow new information to come in and take root, we miss the possibility of a real upgrade.

In this episode Dr Randy James and I talk about the primary roles in our lives and the concept of backing off from them for a time.

A day. A week. Taking in new information and taking time to consider our desires. Then coming back with an upgrade.

Think about this in terms of your job. The work you do. Being a spouse. A parent. Being a homeowner who is continually keeping up with everything.

I recently took an extended break from almost all of it, but we cover ideas to experience this benefit regardless of your situation.

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