Something we all have to a degree is trauma.

Which is simply a distressing or disturbing experience.

The reality is our past traumas, especially in our early upbringing, latch on and often negatively affect our health.

Tana Amen is a New York Times bestselling author, a neurosurgical ICU trauma nurse, a world-renowned health and fitness expert, and she and her husband Daniel Amen run the revolutionary Amen Clinics.

We brought Tana on because she had significant trauma from birth into young adulthood.

Significant trauma.

We talk about her personal experience in mitigating the negative effects to her health, combined with her’s and Daniel’s studies, research, and testing on the brain’s ability to change and grow.

Trauma is a primary culprit in our fight for wellness that generally goes untended to.

We’re going to tend to it, here.

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