Food is like money. We can’t do without it.

Food is not good or bad.

So we either have a good and healthy relationship with it and invest wisely, or we have a poor relationship with it and it’s a thorn in our side.

We are losing the war with food in America and in this show we highlight a reality of our true and real addiction with food.

All of us are on the spectrum. We can’t stop eating, so what do we do?

First we get aware of our individual issues then work to manage them.

This is not a call to abstain from food or from food you like.

It’s not a quest to take away your joy and pleasure from food. Food truly is life.

The issue is whether we are in control of it or it is in control of us.

The difference is everything and this episode is meant to empower you to be in control, even as you not only get great joy from your food but even more.

What we are realizing is to have the health, wellness, and physical and mental capacity we desire we must start by establishing a healthy relationship with our food.

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