In this episode of the True Life Podcast we continue our series from the episode 59 question, “If you could have a magic pill to fix one health issue for yourself, what would it be?”

Kent, Kristy, and Susie cited knee issues, while Tanya and Sheamus cited back issues.

As with all maladies, musculoskeletal problems are on the rise.

Anyone past the age of 30 is now prone to accept the norm of bodily aches and pains when they move.

Younger and younger people have left physical activities they used to enjoy due to physical limitations and inability.

Should this be normal?

What is causing our cultural aches and pains?

And what can help alleviate them?

We give most of the show to causation and around minute 40 get into treatments!

Surprisingly, your best prescription may be in regards to what you are eating!

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