More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or actually obese.

Angelo Poli has coached and trained over 20,000 people and cites that around 75% of those people just need to get on a healthy eating and exercise routine and stick to it.

But for the rest, they have a metabolic issue and unless corrected, the weight will not come off and stay off.

Angelo founded Metpro where he and his team specialize in this area by utilizing an algorithm based transformation engine.

Angelo and Metpro work with regular folks like us, but he’s well know for working with high-profile clientele that range from Olympic Athletes, NFL MVPs, physique models, and business leaders.

I’ve worked with Angelo and his team for a long time so this was me introducing him and his research to Randy and as you’ll hear they get into the nuances of why we are having metabolic problems, how to figure out who does, and what to do about it.

You’ll hear my story in this episode as well, as I’m one who had really slowed my metabolism down.

For some of you who have trouble losing weight this could be revolutionary, as it was for me, and you may want to check Metpro out.

If you visit you can take their assessment and speak with a coach on their team for no cost or commitment, which I highly recommend!

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