Do you think of yourself as athletic? Or do you just exercise?

In this show we discuss the label of being athletic as if you were writing a personal’s ad.

Dr James and I discuss what does being athletic imply, and most importantly, why would you not want this label?

Much of the point was elevating the label beyond just exercising, as I don’t know many people who enjoy exercise, but they really enjoy being athletic.

My intent is to get you thinking about how you embrace your physical vitality, and how you can position this aspect of wellness in your life, your family’s life, and with others.

Randy and I talk about our kids and how we are raising them as athletic, regardless of whether they compete in sports or not.

We also reference some replies from me posting the question, “Do you think of yourself as athletic?”

Over 80 comments that brought up some interesting issues. I truly hope it inspires you to further embrace your athletic self.

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