The main issue with holiday health is guilt.

Nobody talks about it, but more important than whether we gain or lose or maintain our weight is how we deal with it amongst more social pressure than ever.
The goal of this show is to help you simply be at peace, whether your goal is to abstain or imbibe.
I asked our True Life audience how they maintain their health and wellness during the holidays and the answer came in three categories.
Some make some simple and prudent adjustments. Some attack the issue with gusto, actually upping their fitness and diet regimens. Some simply strive to maintain their normal routines.
But proxy of how I posed the question, nobody responded saying they plan to fully imbibe and enjoy and maybe gain a pound or ten, though this is surely an option as well.
Again, the point is to realize the social pressure and the high propensity of guilt, and find peace with your decision!

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