Think of “accountability” as support and encouragement.

Weight Watchers was founded in 1963 and to date is one of the most successful weight loss organizations of all time. Similarly Alcoholics Anonymous may be the most successful life change organization ever. Why?
Social accountability. The support and encouragement from others. In recent times Peloton is a shining example of harnessing social accountability and support to the tune of an $8 billion dollar valuation and possibly claiming the top slot of top “unicorn investments” of all time.
Social accountability is powerful because it works. Though there is an even stronger form of accountability, though it is much harder to create. Personal accountability.
The definition of accountability is, the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility. Where social accountability helps by being responsible to others, personal accountability is far stronger and enduring, when you are responsible to yourself.
In this episode we cover some key aspects to harnessing and developing both social and personal accountability in order to achieve the health and wellness you desire.
Ultimately the point of this show however, is to go find this valuable asset for your personal desires and progress.

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