Do you believe it? That Alzheimer’s can be stopped?

It’s true. Does that mean it will be eradicated from our culture? We know how to stop obesity in an individual too, but it’s not happening here in America.
This show is about you however, you and those close to you. Can you do something about preventing, stopping, and reversing Alzheimer’s? Absolutely. There are never any guarantees when it comes to one’s health, but there are probabilities you can count on.
In this show we bring you quite possibly the world’s leading authority, not simply on Alzheimer’s, but again, the prevention, stopping, and reversing Alzheimer’s. Dr Dale Bredesen, author of, The End of Alzheimers and now The End of Alzheimer’s program.
You need to realize most of the traditional leaders in the arena of Alzheimer’s aren’t of the belief you can do anything but manage Alzheimer’s and it’s inevitable decline.
Alzheimer’s disease has become the third leading cause of death in the United States, after cardiovascular disease and cancer, destined to rob 45 million of the Americans currently living of their most fundamental reasoning capabilities if we do not do something to prevent and reverse the process.
Dr Bredesen profoundly cites, “You know cancer survivors. Hardly anyone knows an Alzheimer’s survivor.” But he knows many.
Dr Bredesen’s credentials and bio is long enough for a show in and of itself. If you are concerned about Alzheimer’s, and everyone should be, type on B R E D E S E N and Alzheimer’s in your search engine and you’ll find all you want. Better yet, go to wherever you buy books and get his brand new book, End of Alzheimer’s Program. And visit

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