Recovering from injury is a popular topic, whether it’s a broken bone, a soft tissue sprain, pull, or tear, or a severe illness or disease.

Yet as you’ll hear in this episode, we hit on the reality that living itself is injury.

Every morning you wake up, hopefully having gotten quality sleep that was healing.

Let’s say you start at 100%, which is impossible, but whatever level you start out, from that point on you are depleting yourself, physically and mentally.

You spend the day wearing down your resources, which is why by nighttime, we are tired.

It’s our body saying, “Hey, I’ve used up enough resources I need rest and recovery to recharge!”

If you have a specific, acute injury, like my recent broken rib, or if you are down with COVID, your body needs even more recovery.

Thus the things we think to do to recover from a big injury, don’t differ from things we want to address every day for our recovery.

It’s a valuable paradigm shift to realize the reality of our existence as it pertains to our overall capacity and ability.

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