Note From Kevin

Below you’ll find some beautiful testimonials for my previous community, Free Agent Academy. Most attest to the beneficial spirit and value people found, and the wealth of relationships and opportunities created. This essence is the heart of this new Driven To Live Community.

Why did it end? Two reasons. First was a hidden driver of mine that led to my personal burnout. Through my lifetime I’ve suffered from a “Superman Complex” that I was blind to. This is defined as an unhealthy sense of responsibility. Which saw me trying to fulfill every need in the community, even though we had other incredible leaders, and feeling overly responsible for everyone’s decisions and results. I also had an early business wounding that gave me a very bad taste for “businessmen” who put their own success ahead of those they purported to be serving. Thus my quest was to prove I was all about heart and service and not my own wealth or fame. This led to me making my idealism priority over best business practices and ultimately running a for profit business, like a non-profit. It sounds good and altruistic, but it also led to burnout. Last, while it didn’t cause the business to suffer, I had incredible leaders involved who I took for granted in my laser focus on the overall initiate and results. While they were all so gracious, I realize I didn’t honor them sufficiently.

While I’m so grateful to learn and grown and be able to redeem these failures, I do regret them. I’m eager to lead the Driven To Live Community with more health and success.

Massive thanks to all who were involved and those below who shared their heart from the experience.

Signature of Kevin Miller

Sgt Steve Rosen / Operation MotivationThe ultimate guide to crush your fitness excuses / Kickstart Boot Camp For Women
“I learned about Kevin Miller a few years ago when I was serving in the Army and looking for a new career once I retired.  I had a million ideas of what I could do, but no real direction or guidance.  I was frustrated because I had so many options.  Kevin and his team helped me realize and take action on some key points:

  1. Following my passion is vital for finding fulfilling work.
  2. Ignore the crowd who are just working for a living.
  3. Find work that is congruent with my personality and interests.
  4. Look fear in the eye, and move past it.
  5. Be real.
  6. Follow my heart.
  7. Have faith.
  8. Brand myself in a way that is genuine and unique.

Thanks to Kevin and his team, I have created a new career that I LOVE! I followed my passion and launched a fitness boot camp for women.  I am having a blast and living life as a Free Agent.  I answer to my clients….and not a boss.  Life is so much better when I don’t have to work for someone else.  The sense of freedom makes all the hard work and uncertainly worth it.  Thank you Kevin for leading by example and being who you are!  I’m living the dream!”

Alison Brown

Alison Brown: I joined FAA and signed up for coaching with Kevin because I really wanted to become self-employed. The problem for me was that I was a planner, not a doer, and I feared failure.  Past attempts at becoming a “Free Agent” never made it out of my head, or at least off my hard drive.

Of course, what really sets Free Agent Academy apart is the community. Kevin calls it a “FAAmily” and it actually feels like one. People are open and honest, sharing their personal struggles related to self-employment as well as giving priceless feedback on other members’ businesses. People are not just there to work on their own businesses or to promote themselves. They want to share and help everyone else meet their Free Agent goal, too.”

Janet Meyers

Janet Meyers: Kevin has pointed out ways to help me clarify the WHY and HOW of my new COREageous business. He has given me direction and invested his time, energy, and advice to help me succeed in the freedom of being my own boss and serve others better.  Without Kevin, I would be stuck wondering what to do next.

Brian Griffith of Anthology Gear Wear

Brian Griffith: Some communities may encourage you to make the jump.  Others will provide resources for learning the ropes.  FAA will do all that and more.  You can find resources online to learn different best practices.  FAA is a community not only committed to providing excellent resources but more importantly, committed to establishing strong relationships. Walking through the fire with others who can share experiences, both positive and negative, to help see around corners, is THE most valuable asset the FAA community offers.

No one does this better than Kevin.  He is so relational, and so passionate about walking this out with those in FAA, in a way that is so crucial to success.  We cannot do this alone, nor should we try.  Relationships are the most valuable asset you can foster towards success on this journey.  Kevin, and FAA do that better than anyone.


Dave Munson

Dave Munson: “If you’re like me, Psychologically Unemployable, then Saddleback Leather LogoKevin and Free Agent Academy are for you. I’ve seen Kevin and his team at work and they’re real good at getting people into a healthy position to launch. I’ve seen no other resource on self-employment do what they do at the level they do it. And I’m not saying this cause Kevin exclusively uses my leather bags. Ok, maybe a little.”


Ted Yoder

Ted Yoder: I’m 42 years old, I have 7 children, and I take care of them all by making music for a living. I play an instrument called the hammered dulcimer and I’m a 2010 national champion contest winner. And I owe a large part of all my success to folks like Kevin and his dad. Here’s a nutshell of what happened.

I met Kevin around the same time that I met his dad, Dan Miller, at a conference down at The Sanctuary in Franklin, TN. I was 37 years old, had 5 kids at the time and I didn’t want to turn 50 and not still wonder if I could’ve made music for a living. That was in the fall of 2008. I was so beat down and scared that God didn’t want me to use this music talent that he gave me. I decided to confront my fears, both spiritual and physical, and “eat the frog” that was in front of me. I put together a scheduled practice time and a schedule for contacting places to play and I hit it. To cut it all short, in 2010 I competed for the national champion hammered dulcimer contest and won. Since then I’ve establish a business of selling products related to the hammered dulcimer, I teach all over the world as well as perform all over the nation, and I have 4 albums to show for it as well. I’m not rolling in the money but with the help of my God and Savior I make enough money to take care of my family. And I sure have more fun than I ever had in my whole life. Carry on folks. If I can do it with a passel of kids, anyone can.


Justin Lukasavige

Justin Lukasavige: Free Agent Academy helped me understand I’m not crazy for wanting to do something impacting with my life. Sure, I’m different, but the world needs people who come alive and change things for the better when they figure out what they were created to do. Free Agent Academy is a place where you can join the ranks of world-changers and impact those around you in your own special way.


Nina Nelson

Nina Nelson: One of the biggest challenges I had when I entered FAA was trying to figure out what products or services to offer in my business. I had a blog with a growing following but I had no primary focus – I didn’t know my target audience, was unsure of my calling and just generally felt like I had no idea what I was doing. After going through the Calling and Idea courses, I felt so much more clarity with what I needed to be doing in my business. Read more

I was able to take what I’d learned about myself and apply it to my business so that now, I do have a focus: to empower others to live intentionally through natural wellness. And it’s with that mission statement that I’ve been able to grow a profitable business that’s in line with my talents, gifts and passions. I just told my husband this morning that two years ago, I had no idea what products and services to offer, now I have several streams of income that have helped me create a profitable business that I love.”


Ashley Conway

Ashley Conway: The step-by-step training and information I’ve received as an FAA member has been invaluable, but let’s be honest, I could have gotten that on my own by reading the hundreds of great business books out there. What has really made a difference is the community, the feedback from Kevin and the 24/7 support. Becoming a free agent is the hardest thing I’ve ever done from a personal growth standpoint and the support I’ve received has allowed me to keep persevering through doubt and fear of failure.


David Powers

Dr. David Powers: I joined Free Agent Academy several years ago because I knew and trusted the founder Kevin Miller. I knew that I could only prosper from the assistance that he and the other instructors could offer. I wasn’t disappointed. FAA offers a top notch business education, much better than any MBA program you could waste thousands on, because they make you do the work it takes to be better, bigger, and faster. The group of fellow Agents is diverse enough that there’s a breadth of knowledge and experience to draw from.

That diversity also makes for a tremendous level of networking. The most important benefit for me personally is the fellowship. I made friends through FAA that aren’t just business contacts, but friends for life. That has been invaluable for me and only makes the business dealings that much better. The intimacy of true friendship allows me and others to open up more than we would in similar circumstances or other programs. It’s not easy to go it alone as a free agent or an entrepreneur. I’d highly recommend FAA to provide that much needed level of support. Without it, it’s just too easy to throw in the towel and crawl back into the cubicle.


Bartholomew Gommesen

Bartholemew Gommesen: My Target Market has been hard for me to figure out. Right now I am focussing on young Men who want to bake. When I first came to Free Agent Academy I wanted the How-to’s about running a business. What I found was much more valuable. There is advise on the how, but Kevin is constantly pushing for the Why and What. As I went through the Calling and Idea Course I was constantly reminded that free agency is about finding what is important to me and how my unique talents and skills can help others.

I have always been very self conscience and reserved. Working within the community I learned to be open, share myself and be willing to fail. Just seeing others on the same journey trying different things and moving forward with failure or success is freeing. It has encouraged me to keep moving forward. I have a college degree in business, I should have known this stuff, and I did academically, but being in FAA forced me to act. The assignments are all about action. This is your business and it is scary to make decisions that will impact your life. But there is also a great community that is there to give advise and encouragement.

James Woosley

James Woosley: My life purpose is to communicate the potential I see in a way that can be realized. I wouldn’t know that without Free Agent Academy. I wouldn’t have published my book, Conquer the Entrepreneur’s Kryptonite, if it wasn’t for Free Agent Academy. And I probably wouldn’t have much of a business either. Thanks to the mentorship and friendship of Kevin Miller and so many others I’ve met through FAA, I’m pursuing my dreams and living out my life purpose in ways I never imagined.

When I joined as a member I was bursting with potential, but stuck inside my own head.  FAA gave me the encouragement and training to get unstuck.  Kevin shared the ups and downs of his action-oriented philosophy, along with his branding and marketing expertise.  He showed me how to take action quicker, how to fail and learn, and how to launch a rocket and finish building it after takeoff. I’m flying now thanks to his community of professors and members who have become more than just friends…they’re family. If I live to be 100 years old, I’m positive that almost every good thing in my life will have been made better or can be traced back directly to my time in FAA.


Jen and Charlie Estanol

Jen & Charlie Estanol: Our business is a Gospel-Centered Mentorship for Combat Veterans, preferably those who have recently left active duty or looking for a place to process during the transition, where they can unplug from a fast paced world, process combat experience on a farm setting and put their hands to the plow. We came to Free Agent Academy for honest feedback, safe community, and out-of-the-box thinking. FAA exceeded our expectations.

The FAA leadership is a competent, trustworthy source for guidance, which is rarely available today. They give real, helpful advice, nothing shallow…they have our best interest in mind – again, so rare. FAA is one of the most unique and innovative resources available today. This is an out-of-the-box approach that we have not found anywhere else.

Daniel Tomlinson

Daniel Tomlinson: Free Agent Academy has earned my trust because they narrow down value to specifics. I have a simple maid service in Nashville, and I was in doubt as to who I should market to. Should I market to homes that are 2000 square feet or homes that are 10,000 square feet? That was the demographical question Mr. Miller put in my head. FAA’s wisdom goes deeper than that, but suffice it to say, you will find answers in life, business, and health if you attach yourself to the wonderful value Free Agent Academy offers all year long.

Joel Boggess

Joel Boggess: Like many entrepreneurs, my desires were clear – to serve, add value, and to make a difference. Being new behind the wheel, I needed expertise, guidance, and better directions. Kevin and his team of FAA on-hand experts, deliver. The live events, mentorship, and practical tools has proven to be game-changers. You can expect an MBA-like education in: Branding, Marketing, Customer trends, Business plan development, Social media application.

Life is challenging enough. Don’t go it alone. Surround yourself with like-minded go-getters who will lift your up, support your dream, and hold you accountable.


Brett Traudt

Brett Traudt: Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to own my own business. I would have an idea and start it…soon to stop believing in myself or my idea. It wasn’t until I joined Free Agent Academy that I understood why those plans didn’t work for me. They didn’t fit my personality, my skills and abilities and my values, dreams and passions. They weren’t part of God’s plan for my life. FAA has helped me to discover more about myself than I ever would have on my own.

The community has allowed me to work through some of my wild ideas and has been there to give me either positive or negative feedback. This community has helped me realize that I can do what I love and make money while doing so. My business would not have come to fruition if I didn’t have such a great support team and people who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and to help guide me along the way. They have helped me overcome my biggest obstacle… fear! The fear of failure (maybe a little fear of success) and the fear of going on the journey alone.


Andy Traub

Andy Traub: Free Agent Academy is for people who want to take action and need encouragement, wisdom, and accountability to do it. It’s for people who want more out of life and aren’t afraid to admit they need help to get whatever that “more” is.

It helped me launch into self-employment and has brought me my best friends in the world. Take it seriously, or keep wandering. I hope you take it seriously and reach your dreams. I know FAA can help you do just that!


Jay Peroni

Jay Peroni: Kevin Miller and Free Agent Academy helped me build a business around what God put on my heart. Through my interactions with Kevin, I have found my true passion – helping clients incorporate their faith into their financial plans and writing books, speaking, and creating information products to help others with faith-based financial planning. My mission in life is to help change minds, hearts, and wallets for God’s glory. I believe God brought Kevin into my life for the right reasons – to help me grow, learn, and develop a business model to help me share what God has put on my heart. Kevin and Free Agent Academy have truly been a blessing in my life. Through Kevin’s coaching, live group interactions, and peer input, I have been able to break free from corporate America and live out my passion each and every day. I highly recommend FAA to anyone serious about finding their purpose in life and creating a lifestyle and business around that purpose!