Our bodies are like a wood burning stove.

To a degree you can throw anything in them and they’ll burn it for energy to keep your heart beating.
So putting in 10 twinkies or a salad, what’s the difference?
Most of our culture’s focus just goes to weight gain or loss, so the idea is the salad has less calories and the twinkies will make you fat.
But let’s put weight on the backburner and just focus on overall wellness and ability.
Think about it, if calories alone are the focus, then a top Olympic or pro athlete would simply go for the most calories to burn. They may as well only eat pizza, fast food burgers, and pints of Ben & Jerry’s, as they are burning enough not to worry about weight gain. Why would the marathon runner or NFL running back ever mess with salad and whole, healthy foods?
Let’s make brain function and energy the muse. Let’s make our physical and mental function the muse. Our overall capability and longevity.
How do we eat for those goals? How do you eat so you feel more energetic? More hopeful and joyful? How does food factor into mental health? Depression?
Food is far more than just fuel. It is our most powerful medicine. Or…poison. We spend the bulk of this episode discussing the psychology and concept of what and how we eat, then around the 60 minute mark talk about the literal foods we eat and advocate.

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