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Fulfillment is the only thing that will satisfy you and until you get it you’ll be striving, striving, and striving. Here we get to the root of what fulfillment looks like to you. But who am I to be your guide?
I’ve had a lot of successes over my four plus decades that gained me many accolades and ended with burn out and disillusionment (and some antidepressants). It played out something like this…

National BMX Conquests

I embraced performance and accolades as my self-identity.

1994, Super Week in White Fish Bay, Wisconsin at 21 yrs.

Prideful and uncoachable and squandered my abilities and opportunity. I embraced performance and accolades as my self-identity.

Trinity Sports Group team, club and national events.

Blind ambition resulted in failed businesses and those that succeeded I abandoned.

Hidden drives led me to complete burnout.

Free Agent Academy self-employment membership.

Family Man

Even with these beauties I strove to be God and came to my end.


Twelve businesses and seven children (more of both still to come) in, I was exhausted. I had great heart, great intent, and lots of testimony to serving people well. But my motive was more about me than anyone else. 

I was feeding the demons of my self-image, sabotaging myself and all my efforts, and running myself into the ground. My performance persona and superman complex finally came to an end. I walked away from yet another business that had succeeded till I killed it. I even tried some antidepressants to deal with my ever elevating anxiety.


Then I got a fortunate break thanks to Tom Ziglar and his world famous dad, Zig. I’d made a name for myself as a leader in self-employment and they asked me to speak at one of their events. I developed a friendship with Tom and almost two years to date after Zig passed away, I was discussing the future of the Ziglar brand with Tom.

From this talk, we relaunched the long dormant Ziglar Show podcast, with me as the host.

Conducting what would end up being one of Zig’s last interviews.

Over the next five years I interviewed over 150 of the world’s top influencers, going deep into their own messages and stories. But as much as I was producing good content for my growing audience, I was sitting at the feet of the most successful and fulfilled masters and gleaning from them for my personal needs. 

Apparently I hit a nerve as to date over 48 million people have downloaded the show at a rate of 450,000 downloads per month and The Ziglar Show is generally ranked Top Three in “All-Time Career” podcasts in iTunes.


What I discovered from so many talks with our great leaders is how clear they are, not merely on what they want, but far more so the motives for what they want. The reasons behind their pursuits. I became starkly aware of where I had gone awry in my own life and recognized this same issue was a root cause for where most all of us get stuck, frustrated, and burned out, despite our valiant efforts.

It took me a year of research and compilation to assemble the outline and content for Motive Mastery which I now offer to you in my premier podcast, Motive, a soon to be released online membership and course, and the 2021 book.

When you know what you truly want and desire and are clear on your reasons for wanting it, you are in alignment and you make radical progress.



Michael Hyatt, and many of the over 150 top world influencers I’ve had on my show have graciously cited me as one of the top interviewers they’ve ever encountered. While I’m grateful, I don’t see myself as an “interviewer”, but investigator and detective of the root issues of personal development and progress.

I’m the chief student of their material and the questions I pose. The directions I take the conversations are driven by what I truly want to learn and know. My podcasts then are more about me seeking wisdom I can use than just hosting a bright and shiny, highly produced show.

It was from talking deeply and directly with these world leaders and digging into their messages and becoming an expert in behavioral psychology that I kept coming to this root issue of MOTIVE as what people were missing.

We achieve what we truly believe we can, and we believe what we have a clear and true reason for doing. An authentic Motive.



I accept the term of “Guide” because I know the territory, I recognize the threats, and I am fully committed to the end result. The fruition of you achieving what gives you peace and fulfillment in yourself and in your life. There is nothing more beautiful.

I’d be honored to join you in your desires for what matters to you, which is you…mattering to others.