Let me inspire your company, team, or group to clarify
and strengthen their drive for their work, mission, and lives.

Presentation or Conversation

If you’d like a traditional presentation from the stage, I can accommodate it. My greatest intent is to engage the audience in a way they are unaccustomed to with most speakers and am capable of doing so from a presentation.

A conversation is another option. I deliver all the key points of the presentation but do so alongside an engaging and entertaining conversation with someone in the company or team. I’ll work with them prior to the event and I’ll conduct a highly compelling conversation, interview, and presentation combination that won’t be forgotten.

"Active Speaking"

You can simply read a book. “Active reading” is when you tangibly engage by underlining and highlighting sections, taking notes, and at the height…discuss it with another person or a group. It takes one from mere exposure to literal learning. I invite your company or group to have a private group in my Driven To Live membership community where we can continue the discussion and learning. This multiplies the impact x100.


Another stellar option is to follow with a literal workshop. This can be as simple as continuing immediately after, or later in the day or the next day, with 30 minutes in the auditorium for attendees to work through an abbreviated form of my course while I filter around to help, then host a live Q&A after to work through it together.

Am I The Man For The Job?

It’s easy to get my flavor from listening to my podcasts. For comparison, I once had testimony of one of our biggest names in personal development, regarding their public speaking. He was dressed to the nines, $2,000 suit. His presentation was described as drab and uninspiring, though his content was top notch. On the other side, I’ve seen plenty of speakers who were dressed in outlandish garb and wildly entertaining and made for a fun event, but people didn’t leave talking about the message and continuing the conversation in later days, weeks, and months. If the first guy is a 1 and the second scenario a 10, I’d put myself at a solid 6. I don’t wear suits, but don’t do flip flops either. Nobody will ever call me an entertainer but I have good rhythm, I ebb to the flow of the culture I’m within and I can insert as much wit into a presentation or conversation as you desire, again, depending on your unique culture and flavor. I’m more interested in my message sticking and lingering for a long time and developing a relationship with the people involved, than inciting a standing ovation. Though I won’t be upset if I achieve that as well…

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