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We take a bit of a detour from pure self-help in this episode.

I started off with the story of a guy who wanted to be an entrepreneur, yet had no idea how to be, and was as he said, “socially uncalibrated,” which in his case meant he was the guy always trying to sell you something that everyone avoided.

His first two attempts at being an entrepreneur, completely failed. Completely. Meaning he created a business and didn’t make one sale. It’s a great story for anyone who feels out of their depth or who is meeting literally zero success in some endeavors.

My guest, is Elliot Bisnow. Elliott’s somewhat ridiculous story takes him from literally zero, to now being co-founder of Summit Group, which began and still includes the Summit Series events that are as much festival as self-help conference. They’ve held 250 of the events, loaded with celebrities, thought-leaders, billionaires and politicians. And lots of people like you and me.

The event has hosted luminaries like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Jessica Alba, Shonda Rhimes, Brené Brown, and Al Gore in some of the most beautiful places on earth like Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Squaw Valley, California, and Washington, D.C.

In this talk though, we really got into discussing the nuances of what makes the events so successful, as opposed to all the events you are used to attending. How they focus on who is attending and where the event takes place, even more than who is speaking.

So if you have any interest in holding events, whether paid for as a business, or even just socially, you’ll want to hear this. We even talk about what to look for in events as an attendee. Just really intriguing.

A little more on Elliott, he’s a startup investor, having made almost 50 early stage investments, including Uber, Coinbase, Warby Parker & Allbirds. At the start of the show in a moment, you’ll hear he’s talking to me from Powder Mountain ski resort in Utah, America’s largest ski resort which he is co-owner of.

Elliott and his three biz partners recently published the book, MAKE NO SMALL PLANS, which entails the again, fairly ridiculous story of how four, very average guys, created such a successful company after doing so many things wrong.

I think you’ll find great comfort and come away feeling you can be as clueless, and successful, as they have been. The story really inspired me to think bigger than I have as of late.

You can get the book, Make No Small Plans, anywhere, and find Elliott and his pals at Summit.co.

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