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The title “How To Feast On Fasting” is meant to help us change our paradigm.

Look, I adore food and eating. I’m generally always looking toward my next meal. I enjoy it so much I won’t waste the effort or calories on just any food. I want quality food and excellent tastes.

I also don’t like to deprive myself, and in my perspective, I literally don’t. I do however, often delay. I look at fasting this way.

I grew up with fasting being a spiritual discipline, which is surely can be. I also know of some radical puritans who abstain from many pleasures as a lifelong discipline.

Great for them. That’s not me either. I look at it more mechanically.

Most of us are running on too much anxiety and cortisol, we eat on the run and thoughtlessly, and we are very, very often eating foods that our body struggles to deal with and a lot of inflammatory ingredients like gluten, dairy, sugar, and chemicals.

So think of it like your car overheating and realize most of us have some overheating going on internally in our gut and digestion. What do you do when a car is overheating on the highway?

You pull over and let it cool down. You have to. Or it will blow. Think of fasting this way.

Whether you do some intermittent fasting and eat less often, or go an entire day. Or two. Or five. You are simply letting your body recover from digesting.

Mentally as well though, we can fast from all varieties of things for the same reason, or just to increase our gratitude.

I’m joined by my co host, Randy James, Medical Doctor and Functional Medicine expert at truelifemedicine.com.

While we don’t expect to get you excited about fasting, I think you’ll find yourself better able to consider the benefits and find ways to do it that you can handle.

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