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Series wrap up on Andy Norman and his book, Mental Immunity.

Here I bring on my frequent co-host, Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar and son to Zig Ziglar, to talk about this concept of how we view our beliefs.

What came out on the discussion was a question of what is more important. Our beliefs, or relationships?

In our culture now that is arguing and polarizing about beliefs, what we most have is just a fight from two warring sides.

And how similar is it often in our personal relationships? No one is considering the other, they are just arguing their side.

Without putting the relationship first, it’s hard to find validity for even making an effort.

We lead off discussing a Facebook post Tom made after listening to my initial talk with Andy in episodes 1033, where Tom said, “To reject unconditional love is to embrace hate.” Think about that?

As you’re about to hear, this was from talking about how we view and fight for our beliefs.

You’ll want to hear more and see how you feel about the statement.

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