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Your personal relationships are likely to make or break you.

This is our Functional Friday episode and we are finishing out the four foundational pillars of Functional Medicine with the third episode on Relationships.

In episode 1025 we talked about the vital relationship between your body and mind.

In episode 1028, the relationship you have with yourself and the world through hope and purpose, faith in essence.

Here then we land on your relationship with – other people.

I think we all realize to a great degree the positive and negative affect relational health or lack thereof has in our lives.

But from a medical standpoint and literal pathologies of body and mind, nothing could be less mainstream.

If a stressful marriage and your anxiety, anger, or despair is eating away at you and causing you physical and mental abilities, chances are 99.9% that any traditional medical doctor will never ask, address or uncover the root issue but will treat the symptom with a pharmaceutical.

And that is exactly what medical school trains them to do. It’s what they trained my co-host Dr. James to do.

So you’re left taking a drug to mask and manage a symptom that you have no idea is being caused by relational strife.

We have dramatically impacting relationships in our family, friends, co-workers, employees, business partners and more.

Great exercise and good nutrition and solid sleep will help you withstand challenging relationships, but ultimately negative relationships will take down even the mightiest of men. And women.

So how does it really affect you and what can you do about it? This is our show, right here.

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