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I’ve been fairly candid about my own, ongoing work with counselors, historically, and today.

My current counselor really got deep with me into my relationship with myself and recommended a book called “​​I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression,” by a therapist named Terry Real.

I got it and read it and it opened up a whole new level of understanding myself. Terry just recently put out a book called US: Getting Past You and Me to Build a More Loving Relationship.

My therapist got it and right away said, “Kevin, I want you to get this book.” I did.

It revealed aspects of how I behave unhealthfully in relationships that are nothing less than revolutionary for my life. As an individual, spouse, parent, and more.

And bigger picture, how we culturally live as “you and me” and individuals when the bedrock of our being is relational and us.

It will either wow you as it did me, or you’ll have to fully dismiss it. And I don’t think you will.

I then went to find out who this guy is and found this book US was was published by Goop press, which is founded and owned by famed actress and client of Terry’s, Gwynyth Paltrow. Same with actor Bradley Cooper who emphatically endorses Terry.

But then people like famed psychotherapists Esther Perel and Lori Gottliev I find are touting Terry and this book us. And interestingly, the forward is from one of Terry’s patients.

The forward alone rocked my world. It’s by a singer you may have heard of. Bruce Springsteen. But it’s not the celebrity component that impresses me, it’s the humble and heartfelt words they shared about their life changes.

Bruce said, “At age thirty two I hit an emotional wall and realized I was lost in a deep dark forest, largely of my own making without a map. So began forty years of trying to find my way through the shadowed trees, down to the river of a sustaining life.

Terry Real has been a guide and this book is a map through those trees. I agree. I wanted to share Terry with you, so this episode is part one of my discussion with him. Find him at terryreal.com.

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