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Our very existence is only as good as our ability to recover.

We love to hear about putting in big efforts, whether it’s only sports field, or in the office, or even at home. But those big efforts deplete us.

It’s our recovery that allows us to come back for another big performance.

A great example is working out to gain muscle. When you work out, you are tearing your muscles down.

Your will power as well. It’s when you are in recovery mode that you actually grow stronger. If you don’t recover, you just stay torn down.

So if you have times of feeling torn down and just worn down, and it continues…than you are not recovering.

I’m joined by my cohost Randy James, medical doctor and functional medicine expert. You’ll hear Dr James change your paradigm by stating that our evening and our sleep is actually how we are starting our next day.

How we prepare for sleep, how long and how well are bottom line what are fueling our performance for the next day. All our output, the topic of our previous Functional Friday episode, is subject to our rest and recovery.

Many of us are not recovering and every day is a dip lower in our ability…or we’ve stagnated at a mediocre performance level.

If we are taking out more than we are depositing, ultimately we’ll end up bankrupt and that’s when we are forced to rest via sickness, disease and disability.

I believe you’ll find different information and perspectives on recovery and sleep than you ever have and get clarity on what you can do to best support all the “doing” you desire in your life!

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