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Your daily output is in essence, your work.

All of it.

The daily tasks and duties in which you exert yourself to fulfill. Personal maintenance, parenting, your job or schooling, relationships, home and life maintenance…everything.

Your capacity for daily output is finite, even though we like to think of ourselves as needing to be limitless.

How often do you feel spent and you’re only halfway through the day?

Or maybe you make it strong through the day but by evening you have nothing left for your family and relationships or a new venture you desire to put effort into?

Everyone wants more energy. We’ve created billion dollar companies around energy drinks to give us more energy.

But imagine your car being overheated and bogging down and you just keep shoving more gas in the tank!

The question is…what is zapping it’s energy?

For you, what daily activities, exertions, environments, and mental activities will more quickly deplete, OR… help to better sustain and further your daily output and capacity?

This is what Dr Randy James and I address in this episode.

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