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I’m back with Dr Becca Levy to talk about Values & Habits in the key areas of life fulfillment, and look at how we have positive and negative perspectives and expectations around aging.

And “aging” these days seems to be expected at earlier and earlier ages. To a great degree, we will age as we expect to age.

So in this episode we talk to an expert around just that, the expectations we have and will likely manifest in our lives. Every day older we become, we should be adding to our ability.

Yes, at some point late in life we may find some lessening strengths, but that is not a given. Animals are not hobbling around. They are full tilt till the end. Why can’t that be you and me?

Dr. Becca Levy is an award-winning Yale Professor of Psychology and Global Health. She received her Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard University.

She has given testimony before the United States Senate on the effects of ageism and contributed to briefs submitted to the United States Supreme Court in age-discrimination cases.

She is credited with creating a field of study that focuses on how positive and negative age stereotypes affect the health of older individuals.

And she is the author of Breaking the Age Code: How Your Beliefs About Aging Determine How Long & Well You Love, which just came out. Find it anywhere you get books and connect with Becca at becca-levy.com.

I encourage you to listen to our previous episode, 1003, where Becca and I dig into ageism and how we can age better by viewing it more positively, and of course, taking more positive actions.

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