This is a story of overcoming obstacles to pursue what you care about because of a strong motive.

Kara Goldin was the youngest of five children and at age eight realized both her parents had dreams they didn’t pursue. Then she witnessed an older brother overcome many obstacles to go after what he cared about.
This gave Kara the impetus to do the same and she did so with a flourish. In this story you’ll hear her career trajectory and willingness to believe in herself and have faith in overcoming the obstacles that will present themselves with any endeavor of worth.
If you’ve ever seen or had Hint water, maybe from Starbucks or Whole Foods or today possibly from any grocery chain, Kara started it out of her home kitchen.
She has an incredibly impressive resume working with companies such as AOL and has been cited by Fast Company as one of the “Most Creative People in Business, Fortune’s named her as a Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs  and HuffPost listed her as one of six disruptors in business, alongside Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.
She’s appeared on nearly every news source worth listing. And now she’s written a tremendous book titled, “Undaunted” which we touch on in this show.
Matter of fact, check it out at and if you buy the book you get  a free case of Hint water!
But as this is the Motive podcast, our focus here is not just what Kara has done from childhood to now with a 150 million dollar company that is saving people from the negative effects of sugary drinks.
Our focus is very much her motives from childhood to now. Her reasons for what she did it and why she does what she does…today.

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