Knowing what we actually want is not so simple, so here is the start of how to audit yourself.

There are key areas of life where we not only find the most fulfillment, but maybe just as important or more, they are areas where if left unaddressed we are naturally left feeling a significant void.
How often do we find the seemingly successful person in the dumps feeling…”something is just missing.” One of these categories in this episode is where you’ll find it. 
I’m going to lay out seven key areas where we as humans naturally desire, pursue and find fulfillment, and explain why. Why are these areas so valuable to us?
From it you will likely find confirmation and even more permission for the areas of your life you are fulfilled, but also insight into why you feel some discontent and possible emptiness in your life.
But please hear, this will not just be a call to go address the areas you find lacking. You may not want or need to.
This is simply awareness so you can discern where you want to invest yourself and where you don’t, but yes, be aware of where and why you may feel you are out of balance or found…wanting. 

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