Of course it is, but to what degree?

Guilt is a primary hidden driver that we’ve accepted as a norm. How much of your lives and actions are being driven by this life draining motive?
Probably more than you are aware of. But why, is the question.
In this episode I bring you Valorie Burton. Valorie is founder of the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute and has written more than a dozen books on personal development.
She has a unique combination of research, faith, and personal transparency that inspires people to action and delivers practical tools to find fulfillment and purpose in work and life.
She has a large following with almost half a million on Facebook alone. She’s just published a book titled, “Let Go Of The Guilt.”
Her research into the reality and nuances of guilt and the hold it has on us is profound, which is why I pursued her to be on the show and shine a light on this very insidious and pervasive driver that is leading so many of us to frustration, exhaustion, burn out and unfulfillment.
I begin, of course…getting very personal with Valorie. What were her early motives? What drove her to push and strive and get herself into the Air Force Academy on a presidential appointment, then what drove her to drop out.
What drove her to realize how much of her drive was fueled by guilt and what drove her to start a PR firm then abandon it to be an author and speaker?
What drove her to marry, then divorce, then to marry again? What drives her today?
Type Valorie Burton in any search engine and you’ll find her everywhere, and her coaching business is at cappinstitute.com.

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