I bring you Silicon Valley legend and all around wise guy, Guy Kawasaki.

I’ve read Guys books, had him on my Ziglar Show twice, hung out with him face to face in San Diego at the Social Media Marketing event, and I think our relationship was solidified after he butt dialed my cell phone one afternoon and we talked a while about  him starting a podcast, which he did…called Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People.
Guy was the original Chief Evangelist of Apple and has many stories about him with Steve Jobs and the early foundations of Apple. Today he’s an evangelist for Canva and Mercedes but much more than that just a big influence and all around fun guy.
I brought him here to the Motive podcast to talk about his early and current motives, both personally and professionally. Honestly this is just a fun romp through Guy admitting he never had huge visions, but he did have clear motives and he went forth and accomplished them.
This will be a good showcase that you don’t need giant killing, uber altruistic goals to get you going and achieving. Just clear goals you have faith in.
You can connect with Guy Kawasaki…everywhere, he’s a social media giant. His website is guykawasaki.com and I really encourage you to check out his podcast, Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People.

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