Everybody has drive, and everyone has positive and negative drive.

We generally speak of a person who is really “driven” in regards to them being in consistent action toward something positive or worthwhile. While we cite the person who seldom gets off the couch to participate in life as having no drive.
My muse here is Motive…the reason for all we do and don’t do. We all have a reason, a drive, for all we do. We are just often not aware of it and we end up somewhere wondering…”How the heck did I end up here!” There is a reason, something driving you.
I can show you two people with the same hard circumstance that was the primary ingredient in their drive. One is driven to overcome and achieve and do great things.
And the other person from the same circumstances is driven to minimize themselves and hide and possibly engage in self-destructing actions.
What I want you to see and understand the relevance is, it’s drive either way. Motive. A reason.
In this episode of the Motive show I’ll help you unpack and understand the reality that you are…driven. In all you do. Where you are not getting the results you want, is where your drive is coming from an unhealthy or hidden source.

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