What are motives of later age that provide fulfillment?

This was not a retirement focus so much as just asking how motives help and hurt in the latter years.

What came up however was the profound value of having work you don’t want to retire from as the primary motive objective.

As I’ve been in Florida for an extended time I had my Dad, Dan Miller of 48 Days To The Work You love fame, join me.

He is 73 and wakes every morning excited about what he’ll accomplish in the next 20 years, while many of his peers are just bored. Passing the time.

The stats show people who retire decline in health and well being due to a lack of purpose.

Which makes this an episode relevant for anyone of any age to listen to.

If you want to connect with Dan Miller tune in to his 48 Days To The Work You Love podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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