Ashley worked in counter terrorism at a very young age and today has a large following around designing your dream career and a new book titled, “YOU TURN: Get Unstuck. Discover Your Direction. Design Your Dream Career.”

But it was her personal story that intrigued me.

At age 10 her Dad had a panic attack about a business turned bad and he exclaimed to Ashley that money was going to kill him.

Right then and there Ashley vowed, “I’m going to make a lot of money so that life is easy and I can save my dad from dying.”

She did that, but the thread I pull on is her lifelong quest to save and rescue and help people that is true to who she is, though today she does it with health and peace.

From it you’ll find yourself clarifying what of your motives is true, even if you’ve pursued them, as I have at times, in some unhealthy paths.

I encourage you to tune in with Ashley Stahl, find her at and her podcast by the same name

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