Being a victim.  

We are all victimized at times, and we all suffer from feeling the victim at times.

But let me preface and tell you this episode is a compassionate look at it. 

This is a non-clinical, real world discussion around the issue, and I brought back actor Matthew del Negro.

He was my guest in episode 13 where we talked about his story as an actor, which he says is a profession of being rejected.

His book is called “10,000 Nos” and he understands rejection and the temptation to feel the victim.

The conversation brought us to a point we were not anticipating, and it’s the role of faith in combating being a victim.

Not religious faith, but faith in ourselves and life overall and that we have more going for us than against us.

And faith that embracing a victim role offers us absolutely nothing.

I encourage you to check out Matthew’s podcast, and book by the same name, 10,000 NOs!

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