Let’s focus on our vocational motives.

The reasons we go into the job, the career, or the business are what dictate our overall happiness and success, yet most of us go into such arenas for the wrong reasons, and suffer for it.

This is a show anyone working will want to listen to, but I’ll tell you, it should be a requirement for today’s youth.

Dan Miller joins me today, and he is one of today’s foremost career experts and the acclaimed author of “48 Days To The Work You Love.”

In my 50 years I’ve hardly spent a day of my life working at something I didn’t enjoy and care about it and I have Dan to thank for that reality.

Long before he wrote his book, he was…my Dad.

And I’m eternally privileged and grateful.

Join us as we help you clarify why are are working at what you are, and how to better fuel your vocational success by getting into alignment with your desires and your motives.

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