In this episode of the Motive Podcast I’m hitting on a key ingredient of our motives, and it’s how we feel about ourselves.

I realized many of the good habits I engage with everyday, while all good and well, have less value in and of themselves in comparison to simply making me feel good about myself.

I became aware of how important it is that we feel proud of ourselves, and that so often we are trying to push ahead in our lives and we are not…feeling proud of ourselves.

I brought Jared Angaza on the show to talk about the issue.

This is not an interview but a candid discussion and as you’ll hear, a discovery, of the power and nuances of how proud, or not, we feel about ourselves.

And yes, we unpack some of the baggage around the word, “proud”.

By the end you’ll hear that the discussion helped clarify and add much to Jared’s and my understanding of the issue.

If you missed episode 21 of the Motive podcast, I walked with Jared through his story of motive, and it was significant.

Jared, by the way, is my brother!

If you are intrigued by what he shares, find him at

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