Let me take you on the most epic motive story to date.

From the bowels of the Nashville music scene, to building airplanes for one of the father’s of mountain biking, to saving women and children out of sex slavery in Africa, to today sending people to space in an effort to change human perception, democratize space, and improve the state of the World.

Jared Angaza is the Strategy Director for Space For Humanity and serves on a global environmental protection council and this is his story of what motivated him from gutters to mountain tops.

The point as always is so you can see and find yourself as we share the common plight of man, and become inspired and equipped to hear first hand how getting clarity on one’s motives will take you to the heights you truly desire.

Jared is also…my brother.

Though we share the same parents, our last names are different. You’ll hear the motive behind that too.

This was as raw a discussion as I’ve had, as I know more about Jared than most guests, and because he’s one of the more “woke” people I know.

His level of personal awareness and introspection is rare, even more so when combined with a completely down to earth perspective.

Even his elevated place in space is aimed right back here at our own terra firma out of love for the humans that tread upon it.

Find him at jaredangaza.com

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