I’m going to give you a massive paradigm shift.

By helping you take full responsibility for everything in your life, simply by replacing one word you say over and over all day long that is robbing you of your personal power and fulfillment.

That sounds gimmicky, but look.

If you just changed every liquid you drank all day with water, for most of you it would overhaul your health for the better, which is what Kara Goldin shared with us in episode 8.

This word, actually a word combo, will literally overhaul your life in a far greater fashion.

Because the word gives away our power and energy and vitality.

I’m confident in just a moment you will find yourself thinking, “Holy moly. Yes. Makes total sense.”

And it’s a simple fix. Not easy because it’s dramatically habitual.

But…you will want…to do this.

Right away.

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