In this episode of the Motive Podcast I bring you Jordan Harbinger.

Jordan is podcasting royalty.

He wasn’t a celebrity. He didn’t have a NY Time bestselling book. He didn’t grow a multimillion dollar business.

He had a lonely childhood and ended up going to law school because his parents wanted him too.

He got a job on Wall Street and realized progress and success was won by people skills.

But instead of using that to become a Wall Street tycoon he started burning CDs of his learning and then progressed to early podcasting.

Today his Jordan Harbinger podcast is one of the tops on planet earth and I cite him as being the modern day purveyor of Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends And Influence People.”

He is one of the best interviewers there is and doles out great guidance on personal relationship skills to get ahead in life.

I get over 450,000 downloads per month in my shows.

Jordan gets over 6 million. For perspective.

In this conversation I of course quiz him on what motivated him all along the way, up until now.

You’ll hear some top rate business counsel on keeping it simple, why he’s bailed on social media, and doing what gets the most impact.

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