This is where we now begin to get clarity on your true, authentic wants.

For a lot of people the biggest revelation is actually becoming aware of wants that are not in fact, true and authentic.

Things you may have been pursuing a long time.

Maybe your whole life.

Expectations you’ve had but now you realize…they aren’t inherently important to you!

That can be discouraging or freeing. In this personal development industry all our focus is on what we go after and achieve.

Over my lifetime, especially the last decade, I’ve found some of my greatest joys, not in what I achieved, but from what I let go of.

They may have been good things, but they weren’t great.

Then true clarity on what we want and our motives for wanting it, is beyond powerful.

You don’t need so much inspiration and motivation once you have clarity on what you want and why and confidence in the alignment.

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