I bring you the story of Chad Jeffers.

Whether you know Chad or not you’ve likely seen and heard him, as he has been a primary performer with Carrie Underwood for the past 13 years.

If you’ve seen Carrie on stage you’ve seen Chad face to face with her as he supports her with his majestic guitar playing.

What were the motives, the reasons, that drove Chad to be able to climb onto literally, the world’s greatest stages?

I’d be lying if I denied how impressive it is that Chad Jeffers is frequently on the world’s greatest stages as Carrie Underwood’s guitarist, playing live and on camera in front of millions and millions of people.

It’s the rock star fruition of countless dreams.

I’ve known Chad for a long time and been privy to his journey where he’s at times questioned his career trajectory.

Today he’s at peace and I wanted to hear the story, of course, not just of what he’s done and accomplished, but why?

What motivates a kid to do what it takes to end up having his guitar featured in the Country Music Hall of Fame?

Why music? Why guitar?

Why not his own band after initially getting picked up by a label?

And of course my point as always is to showcase real motives to you so you can better discern and establish your own.

Find Chad at chadjeffers.com and you can check out a new course he’s offering for performers at Backstagenotes.com

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