In the world of personal development and self-help we often find ourselves with a desire that just doesn’t light on fire.

We really struggle to take action and find ourselves frustrated or feeling guilty and ultimately thinking less of ourselves due to the inaction and lack of progress.

It finally dawned on me as I looked at some of my own areas of languishing that I didn’t fully want it.

I wanted…to want it.

I really did want the end result, but I either didn’t see myself doing what it took or I couldn’t yet envision myself having claimed the final objective.

Or I was still comfortable remaining where I was. I’ve seen this happen countless times but the concept didn’t clarify in my mind till recent years.

If this is you, which it undoubtedly is in some area of your life, it’s a powerful revelation because you can now address the root issue.

And though I won’t claim it’s necessarily easy, though it may be for you…the step to flesh it out is quite simple.

Join me now and we’ll walk through the concept and treatment.

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