When I ask people to list out what they really want in life, a shocking amount of their answers are in truth, imposters.

Two categories that make up so much of what we think we want but at the core, do not.

This is why people go to college, get degrees, and go to work in areas they find no fulfillment in.

And it’s why competent people who have success in some areas, languish in others even when they seem to apply the same effort that should equate to producing success.

It’s not rocket science or any big secrets.

We as humans and a culture are prone to veer away from what is good and true and it becomes lost like old Mayan cities.

I’m merely going to point out a couple things and you will likely realize where you’ve been following your own motive imposters.

Things you were pursuing for the wrong reason.

And you can now…correct.

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