A primary motive for this guest was simply but profoundly, a different lifestyle.

A different life, even.

Dan Miller is the bestselling author of “48 Days To The Work You Love” and renowned as a leading, global expert on careers.

Through all he does however the most fitting term is authentically, life coach.

Leading people in lives they love. Which is a natural fit, as you will hear in this show, as it’s the main thread of his own story.

His parents were born Amish and his lifestyle was similarly remote, conservative, and austere.

He was up early milking cows at age five and expected to take over the farm someday.

Instead he witnessed the town doctor visiting his home in nice clothes and a nice car who lives such a different lifestyle than he was surrounded by and he began a quest to understand and earn a different way, the threads of which still run true today.

Admittedly my conversation with this particular guest runs deeper than most, as Dan is my father.

Yet in digging into his motives I uncovered drives even I was unaware of.

I trust this journey through a high achievers motives will help you discover and clarify your own, one step more.

You can find Dan at 48days.com.

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