Three Guide Packages To Help You
Achieve A Specific Goal

This is about achieving what matters in your life. You can skip all the info below and the stress of making a decision and simply tell me right here and now, what it is you are wanting to achieve. What is most paramount for you? What is the main problem you want to solve? If I think I’m a good resource, I’ll tell you and we can discuss it. If not, I have a golden rolodex network of amazing guides I can personally refer and introduce you to.

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1. Drive Alignment Package:
Turbocharge Your Drive

You’ve had some success in your life and work. Areas where you learned a plan for success, you put in the work, and you got the results. The math works. This area of your life is fulfilling and you’re proud of it. Then there is another area. You probably don’t enjoy it much, but you’ve still pursued learning, put in the work, but you’re not getting the results. Seems like the same math but it’s not working. I’ll submit your drive is out of alignment. Drive is made up of something you want and being in agreement with why you want it. Sounds simple but it’s a root issue that causes most of our failure. If you have an area of life where you’re feeling frustrated, angry, or ashamed, chances are you’re suffering from something you don’t authentically want or there is a hidden drive sabotaging you. We can root it out and release you to finally find the success and peace you desire.

2. Drive Possibility Package: Discover A Way To Make It Happen That You Believe In

You have a desire or idea but don’t see how to pursue or achieve it:

  • A business you want to start.
  • An idea you want to build into existence. 
  • A personal achievement you want to succeed with.
  • A problem you want/need solved.

But there is a real obstacle. Or it may be a perceived obstacle. Both are equally strong deterrents. If you’re old enough to remember the MacGyver TV show, I loved it. There is a goal. There is pressure to achieve it. There are finite resources. And seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This is my joy and playground. Let’s figure out a way your desire can be possible and viable. I’ll vet you to begin with and only take you on as a client if I feel confident and competent in the mission.

3. Drive Capacity Package: Increase Your Physical & Mental Energy

To achieve anything beyond what you are currently experiencing there is a high chance you need more capacity. More energy and clarity. The high achievers I have on my show get more out of themselves. You can too. Not from suffering, but simply by increasing your energy, strength, stamina and clarity. This is health and wellness focused. If your body is running well, so is your mind. This is an audit of your daily lifestyle and habits and creating a plan to get you running faster, but at lower RPMs. If you’re not car savvy, I mean more production but with no more or even less perceived effort.

Mitigating Your Choice & Decision Effort

The greatest obstacle to you getting the help you need is what my co-host and best friend, Dr Randy James, dubbed, “Choice Pollution”. Which leads to “decision fatigue”. It’s easiest and most tempting to just not make a decision. So let me help you by trying to be as specific as possible with wondering if I’m the best choice for you.

Whole Life Integration

With any initiative you desire to pursue, any qualified consultant must be able to take into consideration your life overall. It’s all personal. While I only claim expertise in a few, specific areas of life and business, I am skilled in understanding the key areas of life and business that must be considered and integrated in order to achieve success in any one area. 

Guide vs Consultant or Coach

In the personal and business development industry the terms “coaching” and “consulting” are often used a bit arbitrarily. Here is my analogy and why I use the term, “guide”. You’ve heard the concept, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” There is a third option and this is my domain. Let’s come together and discern the type of fish you authentically want and is most viable for the overall success you desire. I’ll tell you what resources are needed and recommend where to procure them, then show you where to fish and how to cast. I’m here to help you get quick results you can repeat. For that fish. I live in the high mountains of Colorado and guided fishing is incredibly popular. The guide doesn’t just hand over a fish like the butcher at the meat market. But they also don’t spend years teaching you the intricacies of fishing that earned them their expertise. They use their skill to help you land a fish that day. Call me what you want but this is how I’m best equipped to help you. 

Schedule Format & Pricing

Format – All packages involve the same format upon us deciding to work together:

  1. You submit an intake form.
  2. I review and send clarifying questions.
  3. You respond.
  4. We meet – Via Zoom or *In Person: I want to see your face on a screen or in person. We have an in depth discussion for me to fully understand you and your desires.
  5. Follow Up – I follow our meeting with an overview of understanding, ideas and questions.
  6. You respond.
  7. We meet #2
  8. I follow up with a plan
  9. You respond and I do what it takes to ensure you feel confident with the plan of action.
  10. We stay connected ongoing in the Driven To Live Member’s Community where you have access to a private group just for my Guide clients.

*I live in Woodland Park, CO, an incredible place to visit and can often help arrange accommodations in a wonderful cabin nearby. You can’t beat face to face and breaking bread together.


Option #1 – $2,500


  • Unlimited email access for life – no qualifications. Once we go down this road together, we’re friends.
  • Membership in the Drive Community for one year at only $1 per month – $488 savings


Option #2 – $3,500


  • Includes all of Option #1 times two. Two more meetings, two more follow ups.
  • Need more than this? We can create a custom plan.


It’s quick, easy and painless to figure out if I can help you. Answer a few questions, let me reply with some questions for clarity, I’ll tell you if I believe I am the man for the job.

We live in a glass world so I’m highly sensitive to only taking on those who I feel I can succeed with so I get rave reviews. This is a safety net for both of us.

My commitment is helping you find the most fitting resource, whether it’s me or someone else. I have a vast network of rock star guides.