Two Guide Packages To Help You Achieve A Specific Goal

guide – indicate the way to (someone) / have an influence on the course of action of (someone or something).

My home in the Colorado Rockies has more “guides” than possibly anywhere in America. If you want to hunt, fish, camp, raft, hike, mountain bike, motorcycle (the list is infinite) and achieve a specific goal such as bagging an elk, trout, or 14er and not get lost or die, you hire a guide to increase the chance of success and minimize the risk of failure or injury. I have some key areas where I’m an expert guide. A good guide only takes on clients they believe they’ll have success with because it’s a glass world and if you don’t cite frequent success you won’t get new business. I’m the same. If I feel you’re a fit, we’re on. If not, I have a golden rolodex of contacts to recommend and connect you. 

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1. Influencer Framework:When You Are The Primary Product

When you are an author, speaker, coach, consultant, or “agent”, you are in the business of influence and the primary product is you. Your main assets are credibility, trust, and attraction. No matter how good you are at what you do you must successfully position yourself so your target demographic trusts you and wants to align and associate with you. Just as with a name brand product people are loyal to, you must brand yourself in a way where they feel you and only you…will “get” them and can help them. You don’t have to be the best to achieve this but you must effectively communicate how you are different and perfectly suited to help them. Key vocations for this program are .

2. Possibility & Probability Strategy: How It COULD Happen

Anyone can come up with ideas why something might not work. Certain people have skill in finding ways something could work. I’m the latter. If you have a desire or idea but don’t see or aren’t sure how to best pursue or achieve it, such as with:

  • A business you want to start
  • An idea you want to build into existence
  • A personal achievement you want to succeed with
  • A problem you want/need solved

…let’s talk. There may be a real obstacle or simply a perceived obstacle. Both are equally strong deterrents. If you’re old enough to remember the MacGyver TV show, I loved it. There is a goal. There is pressure to achieve it. There are finite resources. And seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This is my joy and playground. Let’s figure out a way your desire can be possible and viable.

Are We A Compatible Fit?

If you are a high achiever, driven, have more ideas than time, have lots of energy but struggle with focus or direction, are highly accomplished but need direction with a new life or career goal, we will be a good fit. If you are just starting your career, need an industry-specific resource, or are looking to achieve your first major life goal I can likely refer you to a more fitting guide. I’m best at guiding those who have been and are already moving, and not so good at getting people moving. You should know if this is you. It’s ok if the endeavor you are interested in is brand new for you, but I’ll be looking for you to have some track record of achievements behind you.

Mitigating Your Choice & Decision Effort

The greatest obstacle to you getting the help you need is what my co-host and best friend, Dr Randy James, dubbed, “Choice Pollution”. Which leads to “decision fatigue”. It’s easiest and most tempting to just not make a decision. So let me help. If in reading this page you are feeling “Maybe” but just not sure, apply in the form at the bottom of the page. There is zero risk. You’ve nothing to lose and only something to gain. On average I only take on 50% of those who apply and make other recommendations and referrals for the rest.

Whole Life Integration

With any initiative you desire to pursue, any qualified consultant must be able to take into consideration your life overall. It’s all personal. While I only claim expertise in a few, specific areas of life and business, I am skilled in understanding the key areas of life and business that must be considered and integrated in order to achieve success in any one area. To work together sufficiently you will need to be fairly open about your life and willing to get into some introspection. Just like in my podcasts with big personalities, I’m not shy about asking the real questions.

Schedule Format & Pricing

Format – All packages involve the same format upon us deciding to work together:

The format is a mix of emails, texts, and Zoom calls. We start off with me gathering as much information as I can get on you and what your primary quest is. I compile a boat load of questions to #1) Discover as much as I can about you and your objective. We’ll both leave with homework that leads to #2) Clarification and Recommendations. If you are fairly far along in your objective this may be enough. If you are starting at the beginning you may opt to continue on with #3) further Recommendations and Decisions, and into #4) Structure Planning. For business endeavors, website, social media, and marketing consulting is possible but the investment varies depending on your current status and breadth of your project. Regardless I want to ensure you have the necessary resources to see your project to completion.

*I live in Woodland Park, CO, an incredible place to visit and can often help arrange accommodations in a wonderful cabin nearby. You can’t beat face to face and breaking bread together (with coffee or wine, of course) if you’d like to make any of the sessions face-to-face.


Sessions #1 & #2 – $2,500

Also Includes:

  • Unlimited email access for life – no limits. Once we go down this road together, we’re friends.
  • Membership in the Drive Community for one year at only $1 per month – $488 savings


Include Sessions #2 & #4 – $3,500

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It’s quick, easy and painless to figure out if I can help you. Answer a few questions, let me reply with some questions for clarity, I’ll tell you if I believe I am the man for the job.

We live in a glass world so I’m highly sensitive to only taking on those who I feel I can succeed with so I get rave reviews. This is a safety net for both of us.

My commitment is helping you find the most fitting resource, whether it’s me or someone else. I have a vast network of rock star guides.