The Driven Counsel

“The impulse in our culture to emphasize the individual is admirable. The spark of a genius to envision a possibility is very exciting. However, in order to bring that idea and concept to fruition…it really takes a village. It takes a community. That is the normal site and situation for creative breakthrough.” – Diana Pavlac Glyer

– Diana Pavlac Glyer, Ph.D., Professor, Honors College, Azusa Pacific University. Diana has had 40 years of research on C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and specifically the power and influence their “mastermind” group, The Inklings, had on their life’s work. She embodies this work in her book, Bandersnatch, and this quote was her opening statement in episode #939 of The Ziglar Show and is the essence of The Driven Counsel.

The Driven Counsel is a select group of 25 high achieving Influencers. Peers in contact near daily, meeting weekly, counseling each other to even higher achievement and fulfillment in their work, which is an outpouring of their life. 

Napoleon Hill is credited with coining the term and advocating the concept of a “Mastermind”, and defined it as “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” To this end, my father, Dan Miller, is a modern day expert and advocate of Mastermind groups and authored this tremendous overview of the concept. I recommend everyone interested read this: The Case For Being In A Mastermind.

To perform and produce at our greatest work requires wise, invested counsel. I’ve found very few lone wolf high achievers who are truly fulfilled and don’t have a significant amount of collateral damage surrounding their “successes.” I know. I’ve tried to be one. Success that is sustainable and truly rewarding comes from and with people we share our quest with. In 2010 I spent a day with Zig Ziglar and got to see his infamous, “Wall of Gratitude,” pictured below. Literally a wall dedicated to the people he attributed his success to. 

On any given day we all find ourselves with ideas and questions we try to solve in isolation, as the “solitary genius.” The Driven Counsel is your Board of Directors. Fellow influencers who can offer insight and short-cut your progress. The primary focus is not any certain curriculum. It’s simply you bringing forth what is most urgent and important to make progress on, today.


Within the Driven To Live private membership community we have a private group. In there we conduct our weekly Zoom meetings and daily communications and connections. In person meet-ups will be advocated and instigated as much as possible.

Free Agent Academy Gathering

Driven Counsel - When

We endeavor to connect near daily with communications around what we are most focused on and desiring to make progress and solve. No planned interaction or topic is as paramount as what is priority for each of us at any given moment. Then, every Wednesday at 12:30 PT/ 1:30 MT / 2:30 CT / 3:30 ET we have a 90-minute, live Zoom meeting. We strive to facilitate in-person meet-ups as often as possible for people in the same area or those traveling to other member’s regions, and upon filling the group will schedule our first bi-annual retreat.

Driven Counsel Who

Influencers. Writers, speakers, podcasters, counselors/coaches/consultants, social media leaders, agents, salespeople and all those whose primary product is themselves. The marketplace is distilling itself down to a quest for finding personalities that are credible and trustworthy. But being credible and trustworthy and effectively communicating it are two, wholly different endeavors. It’s not simply what you know, but how you successfully communicate what you know. If building, growing, and nurturing an audience, whether followers, listeners, viewers, or employees is your primary asset, this group is relevant for you.

I, Kevin, am the facilitator, but my primary role in the group is simply as fellow peer. I’m here for your counsel.

The $500 per month investment is a filter of every member’s capacity for and commitment to the group. We are heavy on communication platforms such as Podcasting, Authoring, Speaking and Social Media and growing and influencing audiences. Having relative connections, resources and expertise that benefits is desired for the group’s benefit.

Driven Counsel Key Topics

Work is admittedly the most urgent aspect of our life, and the area that generally gets priority of our daily focus and schedule. Thus it will be a primary area of discussion for us. But the purpose of work is to support our lives, and it’s often key areas of our personal lives that hinder or help our work, thus we give due focus there as well. The Ziglar Wheel of Life Shown below does a great job encompassing the areas we will give intentional attention to and seek health within.

  1. Physical
  2. Personal
  3. Career
  4. Spiritual
  5. Financial
  6. Mental
  7. Family

Step one in applying is to fill out the following intake form below and it will give you more understanding of the flavor we’re looking for. Anyone who completes it will get a personal reply from me, Kevin, with further questions and/or my feelings about your relevant fit. Once the group fills up there will be a waiting list. Regardless it will be an honor to get to know you.

Zig Ziglar's Personal Wheel of Life