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Motive Podcast Networks with Kevin Miller

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What we are looking for in our Guests:

You are a rockstar with an incredible message. With all due respect, we are simply inundated with inquiries to be on the show from personalities and agencies representing big personalities and are not able to investigate every one, plus we personally reach out and hand-select a majority of our guests. Here we can use your help understanding what you are about. Thank you!

  1. An Audience – Proof people are listening to you. Testimonies from the masses on how you have truly benefited their life.
  2. A Heart – The core of all our shows is helping people find purpose, meaning, and conviction in their lives and we seek guests who truly have a heart for the same.
  3. Humility – While we of course have guidance and wisdom to offer, we come at the shows as fellow humans also on the journey.
  4. Resources – We appreciate guests with resources to offer for people who may want to engage with you further.

Motive podcast (our new flagship podcast)

Mission – Help people clarify and increase their reasons, belief, and drive for living lives of value and purpose.

Focus – Your personal and professional journey through the filter of your Motives. What did you do and pursue and achieve and what was your motive. If you are like most people, you had some unclear or unhealthy motives that drove you the wrong direction at times, we want to hear this too. Overall I want people to hear first hand testimony of what has driven you so as to help them consider their own motives.  We’ll ultimately lead to what you do today and why. We are aiming for reasons of purpose and mission.

The Ziglar Show

Mission – Encourage and equip business people who have a faith component and greater purpose to their lives and work.

Focus – Part 1: Business & Faith focus. I want your business story, what got you started, ups and downs, and fruition and focus today. Also, how does your faith play into your business pursuits?
Part 2: Success Habits – what are your primary, most valued success habits in your personal and professional life? Our focus is around the Ziglar Wheel of Life.

True Life podcast

Mission – Educate and equip people to support and increase their health so they can effectively achieve their desired pursuits. Meaning we aren’t talking to people who are interested in health and fitness in and of itself, but to people who simply want to perform well in their lives and good health is a means to an  end. Thus the show is not clinical but more on the structure and psychology of pursuing and achieving good health.

Focus – Tactics for pursuing health and wellness from practitioners and providers and stories of health achievements from those with a successful story.

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