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Guest Inquiries:

I produce three podcasts and together they garner 450,000 downloads per month. Whichever podcast you appear on will get just as much exposure as the rest, as we heavily cross promote each episode on the other podcasts. Please review the requirements for each show below to discern where you or your personality may be a fit.

Criteria For Guests

After eight years of podcasting, over 1,000 episodes with over 150 of the world’s greatest influencers I’ve come to realize what makes a show most valuable to the audience.

Thoughtful conversation.

My audience is enthralled when I ask a pointed question and my guest gives a thoughtful response. A response…to that specific question. The temptation many leaders and influencers have is to take most any and every question as a diving board to launch into their entire speech. Theodore Roosevelt famously said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” My job is to showcase you even above your platform and message.

You are much more than your platform and message and it would be an injustice to have you on the show for a commercial!

I’m eager to learn about you.

Kevin Miller

Motive podcast (my flagship podcast)

Candor – Introspection – Vulnerability – Humility

This is an introspective journey through what has motivated you throughout your life, up to now, good and bad. Prior to the show we will want a brief, bullet point overview of the life events and achievement highlights that brought you to where you are and who you are today. This will show what you have done. In the show we’ll discuss the reasons behind the doing.

True Life podcast

Wellness Acumen – Personal Story

We want guidance for our audience that will add to the wellness of their body, mind, and soul. I, Kevin, will come at you from a layman’s perspective while my co host Randy James, MD and Functional Medicine expert, will address you from a more clinical nature.

The Ziglar Show

Faith Based – Business – Sales/Influence

The show is about your business journey (not strategy!), how your faith factors in, and how you strive to help people. Ziglar is a conservative and fairly Christian brand and we abide by this spirit.

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